Collage Festival

we are a multi-day festival dedicated to the idea of low fi collaboration and the presentation of art that is not typically shown together in one venue.

Queer School Faculty

George Alley (Phila. PA):  a recording artist, early arts scholar and educator, curator for COLLAGE Festival, amateur cook and an MFA-holder in choreography *Thursday night & Saturday night

Althea Baird (Philly, PA): I am a cross-disciplinary artist in performance and collaboration and I use my work to stay alive, critique the power structures, dream and remember liberation, and travel through space and time. *Thursday night

Chani Bockwinkel (Oakland, CA): I work in dance/film/photography. My work is Feminist/Queer- investigating utopia/dystopia/costumes/sci-fi.  perform in clubs, farms, stages. Member  SALTA collective, Oakland. Instagram – chanibocks *Saturday night

 Effie Bowen (Brooklyn, NY): My name is Effie. I make dances, critical writings, textile sculptures and 2d visual arts and I don’t have a website. bananaobjects.tumblr *Friday night

Sean Thomas Boyt (Phila, PA): I’m a dance-theater/performance artist hailing from the suburbs of Iowa. My work often deals with themes of relationship, text, non-sequiturs, comedy, and sexuality. *Saturday night

Toby Celery (Phila. PA): Low fi collage maker & conceptual artist.  Counterfeit alter ego. COLLAGE co-founder & 2015 co-curator *Friday night

XTN Hansen (Phila, PA): The Puzzlement Laboratory creates spaces in which we investigate how our differences can be invitations to community through Arts $ Crafts projects and participatory community based experiments. *Friday night

Rebecca Katherine Hirsch (Phila, PA): is an artist-activist and sexuality educator specializing in lay psychoanalytic theory, queer theory and other theories probably, as well. She has a M.Ed. in Human Sexuality Education and a vested interest in queering patriarchal power structures. She is an esteemed member of feminist arts group Permanent Wave Philly, video-art bloc BARBARISM and newcoming art blob Sturgeon Puff. Her writings have been published in the likes of Feral Feminisms, Hollaback! and The Qouch: The Queer Psychoanalysis Society. *Thursday & Saturday nights

David Holzman (NYC, NY): “Years of study and dance in Buenos Aires inform my approach to tango as social. While focusing on mechanics, dynamics, improvisation and musicality — the components and structure that make tango tango, I aim to grounds students in a neutral tango that can transition into many different styles.”

Sh’Moan Jackson (NYC, NY): Hi, I’m Anthony a editorial hairstylist from NYC. I will be transforming into Sh’Moan Jackson. Sh’Moan Jackson is a mean queen from the streets of NYC. She is a fiery Latina with a heart of gold. I have been doing drag for since 2007. It started out as a Halloween costume, and turned into a full fledged persona. Sh’Moan has hosted a night at the legendary Pyramid Club, and has made many nightlife appearances around NYC. She is currently working on an EP. *Saturday night

Nick Jonczak (Phila. PA): I’m a second-year Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training graduate student. *Thursday night

Mylisa Kesselman, MA (Phila. PA): I am a private practice therapist who specializes in trauma, anxiety, and depression. I often incorporate mindfulness strategies, yoga, and other body work into my therapeutic interventions to help clients explore mind/body connections to promote healing and growth. *Thursday and Saturday nights

Paul Lisicky (Phila, PA; NY, NY; Provincetown, MA): is the author of five books: LawnboyFamous BuilderThe Burning HouseUnbuilt Projects, and The Narrow Door, forthcoming from Graywolf Press in January 2016.  He currently teaches in the MFA Program at Rutgers University-Camden, the low residency program at Sierra Nevada College, and at the Juniper Summer Writing Institute. *Saturday night

Nina Makhija (Phila. PA): *Friday night

Jorge Alberto Navarrete (Phila, PA): pansexual night-owl, polyglot, internationalist, martial artist, sci-fi noir daydreamer, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-patriarchal, incorrigible flâneur, hedonist, and list-maker. A recent testimonial from esteemed faculty member Joy Mariama Smith that may be helpful: “He’s my best queer Cuban and lives in South Philly. And does all the cool shit. And has more energy than I do.” Also, a boozed up, sunburnt high-school guidance counselor once said about me: “Jorge likes to be IN the spotlight, but not ON the spot.” That’s spot on. *Friday night

Aaron Philip (Silver Spring, MD): I went to a rich art school because they said it was good enough, I’ll let you decide if they were right wrong *Saturday night

Philly Queer Brunch (Katie Chockley, Hannah Mogul-Adlin, Hilary O’Connell, and Sabrina Gill) (Phila. PA): Monthly potluck fundraiser brunches where we do some sort of crafting activity – often making zines but also making posters for marches or holiday cards for incarcerated queer and trans folks. @PHLqueerbrunch *Friday night

Christopher Salveter (NY, NY): Born and raised in a Missouri river town, Christopher Salveter is an explorer of mystical, historical, and social issues through songwriting, performance, and visual art. *Saturday night

 Settled Arrows (Phila, PA): is a temporary human entity. Much like you he thinks he knows what’s best for himself. Humor, sorrow, love and fear are similar emotions in his world. Try to talk to him and he’ll either be in the mood to over share or may stare at you in silence. He is currently working on his first solo recording: “Public Privacy (-or The Life and Times of Andrew Mars, space cadet)” *Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights

Joy Mariama Smith (Phila. PA): As a gender non-conforming queer artist of color, my work primarily addresses the conundrum of projected identities in various contexts. For example, I do not make work explicitly about being black, my approach is to question what ‘blackness’ is an a social construct and what others may assume about me as a product of that construct. I use the same tactic with gender, sexuality, and class. A sub-theme, or ongoing question, is: What is the interplay between the body and it’s physical environment? *Friday night

Katherine Keifer Stark/The Naked Stark (Phila. PA): I strive to build unique movement worlds that tackle philosophical content through embodiment and presentation and cause people to consider and question their assumptions. *Friday night

 Maura Walton (Phila. PA): Bottom line~~~~ I have a desperate, intrinsic need to create shit.    Some people like my shit.  I am always happy when others are pleased with my shit.  Everyone should love everybody’s shit. Instagram -vertigoplanes *Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights

 Annie Wilson (Phila. PA): Our relationship to our bodies and others is most primary and won’t be forgotten. *Thursday Night

 SEE THE COURSE CATALOG for course descriptions  

Queer School Film School

The films will be presented on Thursday and Saturday nights

Nicholas Charlesworth (Manchester, UK): is into the macabre and kitsch religious things!!!!

Alexander Guerra (Miami, FL): art and photographer from Miami, Florida specializing in self-portraiture. Currently he is engulfed in his alter ego, The Rabbit

Alicia Grant and Drago Car (Toronto, Canada): Alicia is a dancer, choreographer and performance artist. Drago is a video artist, animator and illustrator. This is their first collaboration.

Taisha Ciara Paggett (Los Angeles, CA): makes things and is interested in what bodies do. Her work for the stage, gallery and public sphere include individual and collaborative investigations into questions of the body, agency, and the phenomenology of race, and has been presented nationally and abroad, including the Studio Museum in Harlem, Danspace at St Mark’s Church, The Off Center in San Francisco, and BAK Basis Voor Actuele Kunst in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

Tristan Stewart-Robertson (Glasgow, UK):

Jacqueline van de Geer (Montreal, Quebec):

Sarah Woomer (NY, NY): is a writer and filmmaker. Her creativity sparks from topics that people are told to avoid at dinner parties like religion and social deviances, which are recurring themes in both her written and film projects. Her award winning short film DOUBLE BLACK was selected as part of the inaugural line-up for the Full Throttle Film Festival, a festival in Austin, TX screening the best action and thriller shorts by women directors. Twitter – @swoomer


Science Fair

Andrew Francisco (Kalamazoo, MI): For the whole story, please consult the authoritative volume, Queasy, Wheezy and a Little Bit Uneasy: Andrew Francisco and his Overall Feeling of Malaise (forthcoming).

 Qian Li (Oakland, CA): is a transmasculine, 1.5-generation Chinese immigrant, experimental composer, and agent of transformation. His performance art calls for the audience’s personal experiences or identities to be the content of creation. Participation becomes an act of reclaiming power and agency in a society that systematically privileges and oppresses all people.

 Yang Wuming (China): I am graduate from the China Central Fine Artists Academy in 2014. I have shown my art in some exhibitions in China.


Queer Concessions by J.A. Harris of Food Everyone Deserves