Collage Festival

we are a multi-day festival dedicated to the idea of low fi collaboration and the presentation of art that is not typically shown together in one venue.




COLLAGE is an intentionally low fi/low budget/DIY three night festival

COLLAGE is 6 years old in May 2016.

COLLAGE is a reason to assemble art/artists/ideas/audiences not normally seen together in one venue

COLLAGE is the potential for collaboration, juxtaposition, inspiration 

COLLAGE is the medium of collage thought about expansively to include audience and art off the page

COLLAGE remains recession proof (cheap to see art, not $30)

COLLAGE is both conceptual & physical

COLLAGE resists its own tendencies towards a too specific narration

COLLAGE is interested in commerce (buy a tee shirt!)

COLLAGE is site specific, fluid, endlessly inventive

COLLAGE is a challenge, a hoax, a game, a fashion show

COLLAGE is smart not pretentious

COLLAGE is, over the years, a collection of almost 150 different artists

COLLAGE-ve is holding space on a digital platform

COLLAGE 2015 is May 7, 8, 9 at Headlong Dance Institute

Visit the timeline of COLLAGE festival history

View the 2014 COLLAGE Festival Trailer 

View the 2013 COLLAGE Festival Trailer

View the 2012 COLLAGE Festival Trailer


In order to keep COLLAGE festival affordable to all artist and visitors, the curators periodically arrange fundraising events throughout the year.

2016 Festival Venue

COLLAGE-ve 2016 will take place May 5, 6, 7 on the internet